Contact angle measuring instrument

One-click automatic batch inspection

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Atmospheric Plasma Treatment System

Support matching MES system
18 fault reminder alarms

Provide overall solutions for 6c, lithium battery, FPC/PCB, FPD and other industries

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Vacuum Plasma Treatment System

Ultra-low processing temperature 45℃

Provide plasma cleaning overall solutions for LED, semiconductor, PCB and other industries

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DBD Plasma Treatment System

Unique linear plasma generator

Provide plasma cleaning overall solutions for glass, plastic and other industries

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Committed To Providing Professional Surface Treatment AndInspection Solutions For Global Users

High-tech innovation①Contributor of National Standard for Contact Angle (GB/T 30693-2014)
②The Joint Laboratory of Plasma Technology of South China University of Technology
High quality service①Provide free sample service
②Customize automation solutions according to the needs of customers in various industries
Industry-specific solutionsSpecially formulate plasma treatment solutions for 6C, semiconductor, lithium battery, PCB/FPC, FPD, glass, automobile and other industries
Market share①The market share of the mobile phone industry is 93%
②Contact angle measuring instrument sales ranked first for five consecutive years

Core Products

Provide one-stop service equipment such as contact angle measuring instrument, plasma cleaning machine, ion static elimination device, etc.



Scientific contact angle measuring instrument

Full-featured, very cost-effective scientific research series contact angle measuring instrument

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Atmospheric plasma cleaning machine

Support digital communication interface and analog communication interface, can be connected to MES system

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Vacuum Plasma Cleaner

Ultra-low processing temperature of 45℃, no thermal influence, to ensure stable processing effect

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Wide Width RF Plasma Cleaner

The first 800mm ultra-long processing width in China, the processing time per unit area is increased by 3 times

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Microwave In-Line Vacuum Plasma Cleaner

Microwave in-line vacuum plasma cleaning machine specially designed for the semiconductor industry, for semiconductor chip bonding pretreatment, plastic sealing pretreatment, photoresist removal, metal bonding pretreatment. The plasma is not charged

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USC Dry Ultrasonic Dust Cleaning Machine

Quickly and effectively remove floating particles on the surface of the product, the removal rate of 3μm dust particles is 97%, and the removal rate of 6μm dust particles is 98%

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Ion anti-static air nozzle

0.9S high-efficiency static elimination, gas-electric separation structure, support 485 communication interface, can be connected to MES system

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Case application

In-depth understanding of market needs and provide comprehensive solutions

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